Cervello® Elite EEG System


Combining research and clinical applications facilitates advances in research and understanding.

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The Cervello Elite system is available with all standard EEG software plus offers additional software features for research.

Key features:

  • User can easily compare data filtered with different display parameters
  • Remote control of data acquisition and storage
  • Interface to NeuroExplorer, Spike2, MATLAB, C/C++, and other 3rd-party software
  • Video Synchronization and playback
  • Continuous recording of spikes and potentials (16 bit, 30 kHz)
  • Per-channel selection of digital filter/sampling rate
  • Digital noise (line, magnetic) cancellation
  • Adaptive spike detection, 3D spike sorting

Core to the next-generation capabilities of the Cervello Elite EEG Monitoring System is the company’s multichannel data acquisition system specifically designed for real-time monitoring and recording of human brain and peripheral nerve electrical activity. The sophisticated Cervello Elite System is capable of simultaneous recording, monitoring, and analyzing data up to 256 channels.

Cervello Elite System Front-End Amplifier/Digitizer Product Specifications


Number of Inputs: 32 to 128 electrodes in banks of 32
Differential Configuration: Each input amplified with respect to the common reference in each bank
AC Input Range: -8.2mV to 8.2mV
AC input Conversion: 16-bit (14-bit linearity) at 0.25uV/bit
Common Mode Rejection Input Range: +/- 3.0V between inputs and ground
Common Mode Rejection: >90dB at 50/60Hz
High Pass Filter: 1st-order Butterworth 0.3Hz (full-bandwidth mode)
Low Pass Fitter: 3rd-order Butterworth 7.5kHz
Input Referred Noise: < 3.0uVrms (14uVp-p) at full bandwidth
Input Impedance: >1012Ohms || 3pF
Input Bias/Leakage: +/- 5pA typical, +/- 20pA max
Channel Crosstalk: <1 LSB for all combinations
Maximum Input Voltage: +/- 5.0V between inputs and ground
Input Connection: 34-pin 2mm mate header for each bank
Ground Connection: 4.4 banana jack / binding post
Output Connection: MTRJ digital fiber optic port
Headstage Power Output: +/- 5.0V, up to 150mA for powering optional head stages
Power Supply: Five-channel external power supply with sequencing, 120VAC / 60Hz input or 220VAC / 50Hz input
Dimensions: 110mm (H) x42mm (W) x 186mm (L)
Weight: 600g

Cervello Elite Neural Signal Processor Product Specifications

Digital Signal Processing: Adaptive noise cancellation and 6th-order hi/band/low pass digital filtering; Separate digital filters for simultaneous field potential and spike processing for up to 144 channels
Front-End Input Experiment: MTRJ digital fiber optic port
Analog Inputs: Sixteen +/- 5.0V, 16-bit analog inputs for experiment or neural signals (BNC)
Experiment Analog Outputs: Four +/- 5.0V, 16-bit analog outputs (BNC) Two line-level audio outputs (BNC+3.5mm)
Experiment TTL and Strobed-Word Inputs: One 16-bit input port (DB-37) with individual or strobed-word event detection
Experiment Digital Outputs: Four single-bit digital outputs (BNC), Synchronization TTL output (BNC)
Experiment Serial I/O: RS 232 port (DB-9M), 115 kbps
PC Interface Power: 1Gbit Ethernet
Supply: 3-pin PC power connector (110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz)
Dimensions: 88mm (H) x 432mm (W) x 490mm (L)
Weight Mounting: 6.8kg
Options: Table-top rubber feet or 2U slot in 19-inch instrument rack

64 Channel Splitter Box

Cabrio Butterfly Headstage Adaptor

HDB 44 Touch-proof Conn. Cable

Micro EcOG Adaptor IDC

EEG and EMG Electrodes

ECoG Grids

The Utah array has become a benchmark for multi-channel, high-density neural recordings and stimulation applications from large populations of neurons. Over the past two decades, this patented microelectrdoe array technology has undergone numerous refinements and repeated validations in a variety of species and preparations . This effort delivered a proven and well-documented method to obtain stable and long-term neural recordings of action potentials (spikes) and field potentials in brain and peripheral-nerve tissue.

  • Excellent chronic (long-term) and acute (short-term) stability
  • Small to large subjects (humans, monkeys, birds, rodents, felines, fish)
  • Slice and cell culture preparations (in vitro and in vivo)
  • Compatible with monopolar and bipolar stimulation paradigms


  • Motor cortex
  • Sensory cortex
  • Spinal cord
  • Peripheral nerve fibers

  • High-density multichannel
  • Up to 96 electrodes (various configurations)
  • Customizable designs (pitch, length, hole)
  • High-quality neural recordings immediately after implantation
  • Floating neural interface
  • Sterilizable
  • Capable of microstimulation
  • Various connector options