Cervello® Cortical Stimulator


Cervello Cortical Stimulator full integration with Blackrock NeuroMed’s Cervello 64-channel Amp.

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Speaking on his experience using the recently FDA-cleared Blackrock NeuroMed cortical stimulation system, Dr. Michael Doherty, medical director at Swedish Epilepsy Center Seattle, a NAEC certified level four program remarked:

“We do a lot of cortical mapping, Using Cervello Stim reduced physician and technician time by about half, from on average 1-3 hours mapping to around 45-90 minutes. It makes it much easier to double check results and automatically stamps the recording EEG with the electrode and stimulation settings. It makes the whole mapping process painless. Technician time specifically is much less onerous with lower risks for lead-to-jackbox errors, fumbling or breakage.”