Cervello® Clinical EEG System with Video

The Cervello Clinical EEG system is configured with 32-256 Channels for clinical settings.
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  • Database organization allows for fast and easy patient data searching
  • Networking-based Cervello software allows for easy access from office or home
  • Check impedance at begin and at the end of acquisition, with values stored on the file
  • Display your Grid electrodes overlaid on MRI or CT images
  • Histogram of the entire patient LTM recording to help pinpoint events faster
  • Direct Print of the EEG screen to the printer
  • Data collection can be initiated quickly by keyboard or mouse
  • Montages, filters and screens are easy to adjust during recording or reading
  • Events markers can be easily added during the recording or the review later
  • Central Alarm and Event Control panel
  • SQL Server database

Device Name: Cervello 64
Classification: According to MDD 93/42/EEC Directive: class IIb
Compliant to Standards: IEC EN 60601-1, IEC EN 60601-1-2, IEC EN 60601-2-26, IEC EN 60601-1-4
Number of Channels: 128 Internal Channels, DC Standard Precision Channels, Channels for Oximeter (option BS OXY)
Working Mode: 116 Internal Channels to be used in Common Reference mode + 12 Internal Channels to be independently setup in Common Reference or Bipolar mode
Amplifiers: All channels with differential inputs, low noise
Noise: < 0.35 µV r.m.s @ 128 Hz Sampling Rate
Input Impedance: >10^12ohm
Common Mode Rejection ratio: >100dB@50Hz between G1 and all other inputs
RF Protection: None
High Pass Input Filter: Hardware, 0.15 Hz , 40 dB/decade (2P) for all channels
Hardware Sampling Rate: 4096 Hz per channel, Synchronous
Hardware Anti-Aliasing Filter: 250 Hz, 40 dB/decade
Decimation Possibility: 1024 Hz (4x), 512 Hz (8x), 256 Hz (16x), 128 Hz (32x)
Resulting Sampling Rate: 1024 Hz, 512 Hz, 256 Hz, 128 Hz
Low Pass = Anti-Aliasing Filter: 463.3 Hz, 23 1.7 Hz, 11 5.8 Hz, 57.9 Hz
Analog to Digital Conversion: 1 Converter every 8 channels with Sample and Hold
Conversion Precision Input: 22 bit equivalent resolution Selectable Characteristics
Sensitivity: EEC, DC Std. Prec.
Max Input 1: ±3200 nV, ±2.4 V
Conversion Resolution 1 Max:97.6 nV/digit, 4.7 mV/digit
Input 2 Conversion: +0.24 V
Resolution 2: 0.47 mV/digit
Impedance Measurement: Automatic, with 16 Hz or 1 Hz Square Wave, up to 100 KQ
Display: Graphic, 128 x 64 pixels
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 VDC AA, Alkaline Battery
Power Supply Isolation: 3000 Volt DC Photocouplers
Connections to PC: Cable or Bluetooth (class II radio transmission module)
Inputs Connector: Touch Proof on the Jack Box
Oximeter Connector: Franzbinder 710 series, 4 pole
DC Connector: Franzbinder 719 series, 4 pole
Size: approx. 170 x 86 x 46 mm.
Weight: 250 gr. (Headbox Only), max. 420 gr. (With Battery and Jackbox)
High-Pass Display Filter: Digital, 40 dB/decade, selectable values
Low-Pass Display Filter: Digital, 40 dB/decade, selectable values
Notch Filter: Digital, 40 dB/decade, user selectable between 50, 60 Hz or disabled
Memory Support: 2 gigabyte Compact Flash Memory Cards (the memory can be pulled-out)
Control: 4 button keyboard allowing full system setup, 1 external button (option BUTTON LTM) for annotation marker