Blackrock NeuroMed manufactures and distributes high-end EEG machines. Our leading-edge equipment allows physicians and researchers to see and do more with EEG.

Blackrock’s Cervello® EEG/LTM Systems are designed to be scalable for specific applications. From long-term monitoring to clinical recording and ambulatory monitoring capability, each system is intuitively designed to be configured and put into service for all of your clinical needs.

  • Blackrock NeuroMed Cervello EEG/LTM Systems include remote access capabilities that provides a physician  full control over live EEG recordings and video data from the office or at home.
  • Physicians can easily share data among professionals for better outcomes.
  • Intuitive design, system flexibility and data access from anywhere make our EEG /LTM systems easy-to-use.
  • Installation team ensures all EEG/LTM systems are fully compatible with your hospital network and HL7 interfaces.
  • Pre-installation IT service and support delivers an optimal set-up for your organization.
  • 24/7 telephone and remote technical support.
  • Synchronized data over your hospital network allowing for data storage locally on the network or cloud storage at pre-specified locations defined by the customer.